Saturday, August 6, 2011

Journey in the Wilderness: The Lord Brings Sweetness

After this week, I will no longer be posting the videos of my sermons in my blog entries   I will only give a link to the audio of the sermon, and you can find the videos available on the church's worship page.  Visit the church's web site to see the sermon videos, find out what is going on in the community of faith, and see what upcoming sermon series we have.  This is all works in progress, and I hope to be much better about getting them updated sooner.  I think the Oklahoma heat is affecting other things, like energy.    

I know what you must be thinking.  Then she really needs to write more.  I do - and I hope to. That is a goal to write more.  I have things I would like to write about, but sometimes I think it would be better to keep certain thoughts to myself.  You know what I mean?

This week's sermon, July 31, 2011,  We are continuing the sermon series Journeying in the Wilderness, in which we are wandering in the wilderness with the children of promise.  We once again find the children whining over their circumstances, but God even understands when we get whiny sometimes. Blessings for journey.  From the scripture reading Exodus 15:22-26.

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