Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get Real

I read a blog called beauty and depravity by Eugene Cho. Recently he had an “open mic” post which opened the forum to those who read his blog. The following is by a woman name Rachel:

this is my first time really reading your blog. my aunt kept sending me the link
and always forgot to check it out. really love your blog. i have been chewing on
something for a while now and wanted to share.

i teach 4th grade
ESOL (english speakers of other languages). my kids are mostly refugees from
africa and burma mixed in with a lot of cuban, mexican, p.rican flavor…i’m on a
mission trip everyday it seems like! i love it. love is in full force…. my
husband on the other hand is in construction. he rarely meets warm-hearted
people who love God.

so, his ministry, aside from buying his crews
lunch and sitting down and spending time with them, is the “PPM
“(portapottyministry). he writes encouraging scriptures inside the potty. one
day last week, he got a response back…”Religion is the cause of war, genocide,
hate crimes, etc. Your God is responsible..Why would i want to be involved in
that?”. It hurts because we as a church (worldwide) can represent God in such a
horrible way…

then i read your blog…and relate to the people who
post comments…no religion, just real….it’s so relevant..anyone would be open to
reading it.

I pray that everyone who knows God now, is really led
to know Him more-so confident in their relationship that they can be normal with
everyone-that they can stop hiding behind their religion for one second and
truly be Jesus’ hands and feet.. Paul wouldn’t have a religious flow if he
walked the earth today…neither would Jesus…so thanks for being like Jesus…

I think her observations are interesting. We are so busy being “religious” we forget to be “real.” We want God to change us so much, we go about doing the work ourselves and it comes out as the cheap, second-rate imitation that it is.

I have read a great deal recently on how “religion is the cause of war, genocide, hate crimes, etc.” But as Christians we should know, as others do not, that God isn’t responsible for this. This is the work of people who have created God in their own image rather than allowing themselves to be transformed. What have I done to embarrass God? What have you done to embarrass God? It’s time we get “real.”

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