Monday, May 5, 2008

Of worth and value...

Good Monday morning! Of course, if you are reading this at another time then, "Good (insert day) (insert time of day!)

Since I have begun this endeavor of blogging, at least once a week, I have been looking more at other's blogs (it's only fair after all), and I find I must ask myself a question....what's the point? I originally started this as a discipline of writing for myself, which one would assume then it wouldn't matter if others read it or not; however, I have discovered that I appreciate it when others read my blog, so maybe my motives have changed.

In looking at other's blogs around blogspot and those I know of in other venues, I have found some really good blogs with a variety of purposes. There are those that are casual and mainly for the purpose of keeping up with friends and family who live far apart (pictures of babies, etc.), there are those which are written on parenting, on gardening, and on cars. There are those like mine which have a decidedly religious point although many times there are many different angles. I have even found a blog where two people post - one inside Gaza and one in Israel about their lives (for those who took my Israel/Palestine study). And in looking at all of these, I have discovered that the really good ones are much like writers of articles in magazines. Some offer 'how-tos', some offer insight and wisdom, some offer quirky recipes, both for life and food.

So after a great deal of research, I have discovered that I do this, as I attempt to do all things, for the glory of God. Yes, sometimes, as it happens, stuff gets in the way, like life and self. Sometimes, strongly held opinions are spouted, or single-mindedness occurs. But I pray that if you do follow my blog on a regular basis, it has helped you grow in your own faith as I continue to grow in mine. We are all on this journey together, and often rely on one another for information about the path, much like OTR truckers do (for my driving friends out there.)

So, this post isn't wrestling with ideas of faith, but ideas of examining motives and why we do things, and if what we are doing is of any worth or value. I hope my weekly blog is of worth and value to those who follow. When it ceases to function in that way, I will cease to blog.

By the way, for those who only check on Monday, I have posted twice since last Monday, so see below. Thanks for all the comments and feedback, they are appreciated.

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rheem said...

Even when traveling to familiar territory,I always look for the
signs that tell me where to turn
what direction I am going etc.

Some signs are very redundant and
overlooked,but I also know that
I am not the only one on the road that needs these sign and directions.

They are full of purpose,value and

So are your postings!

Thank you.