Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tag - You're It!

I love playing games. I think I miss playing the most being an old grown-up. I hope when I get even older, I will once again enjoy playing games. But occasionally we have an opportunity to play games as adults. Those that can be posted on G rated sites are even better.

Tag was especially one of my favorite games as a child. I still love the laughter and giggles it provokes as children play this game, although I am not able to run with them much any more. This is the game that I find myself in the middle of in cyberspace! A dear friend of mine, CurtissAnn Matlock, tagged me in her blog, Pressing On.

The idea of this game is that you are tagged and you have to answer the following thoughts, fill-in-the-blank style.

Fill in the following blanks:

I THINK -- until it hurts sometimes.

I KNOW--I am loved, by God and those around me, and nothing else really matters.

I HAVE-- a fabulous family and a great vocation.

I WISH-- I could go on vacation.

I HATE-- those who hate. (Seems fair doesn't it.)

I MISS-- not owning my own home, and having a place to call my own.

I FEAR-- not much, but I really wouldn't want to test the theory.

I FEEL-- great and overwhelming love and contentment.

I HEAR-- the fan going on my husband's side of the bed and my daughter singing VBS songs!

I SMELL-- body lotion

I CRAVE-- times of solitude and peace.

I SEARCH-- for new ways to share the gospel.

I WONDER-- about a lot of things!

I REGRET-- nothing. Everything, good and bad, that has been in my life has made me who I am today. And I love who God has made me to be!

I LOVE-- God, my family, my friends, my life.

I ACHE-- for those who do not know the love of God as I do, for those who are struggling with troubled minds and spirits, and those who need encouragement.

I AM NOT-- Wonder Woman. Thank God!

I BELIEVE-- in God, Jesus, the Spirit of God and that humanity was created in the image of the divine.

I DANCE-- whenever I get a chance!

I SING-- lots of things! I make up songs too! One of my favorite things with my daughter is to make up new words to old songs.

I CRY-- hardly ever. Generally, if not for the usual reasons of saddness, out of stress and frustration, but still rarely.

I DON'T ALWAYS-- feel like being a pastor. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone!)

I FIGHT-- for those I love. Fiercely!

I WRITE-- what I am truly feeling inside, and what I believe will be beneficial for others to read, whether, now or at a time in the future.

I WIN-- about as often as I lose (if we are talking games), and I don't think there is a winner in any argument, unless the two sides can reconcile.

I NEVER-- uhhhh. Never say never.

I ALWAYS-- try my best.

I LISTEN-- to God as best I can.

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND-- depends on the time of day.

I AM SCARED-- for my children's future. I hope they do a better job with the world than we did.

I NEED-- to know my family loves me, and that's about it.

I AM HAPPY ABOUT-- a lot of things. I am happy I have my family. I am happy I am in my current location. I am happy the VBS program is tomorrow night!

I IMAGINE-- a world of peace, even if just in my own little world.

I tag Michelle who blogs on Scribbit, Jeremy at Hacking Christianity, and David at Deep Calls to Deep. If you guys have time to play, join in.


Scribbit said...

Thanks for thinking of me--you've got some great answers. I'll have to give this some thought!

deeplycommitted said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. I didn't know you had one. I am glad to know that you are holding down the fort in my old neck of the woods.

Kevin Watson

CurtissAnn said...

So glad you had time to play! We sure do need play the older we get. :) Sending hugs,

Eve said...

I love your answers. I just played this one too. I really did have to stop and think on this one. I think sometimes, qustions like this can make us all understand ourselves better.

And thanks to Curtiss Ann, I found two new blogs I love. I had to see who else she had chosen. I'm glad I did.