Sunday, October 12, 2008

Children and Youth Sunday

Every year we have a Sunday not only geared to reach youth, but planned and led by the children and youth of our congregation. Every year I have a youth deliver a sermon that they prepared. This year I have two youth lay speakers, and since my daughter has had the opportunity to bring the message before, I gave my other youth lay speaker an opportunity. I had very little to do with the service or sermon other than to observe and check to make sure they thought of everything they needed to and to offer guidance or advice when needed. The liturgy was written by youth and led by youth, the songs were led by youth, a youth offered the special music during the offering. You get the idea. The outcome - it was totally awesome!

The service was well thought out and reverent without being dull, something some adults are convinced cannot happen simultaneously. The youth beginning the service pointed out that the children and youth are not only the church of tomorrow, but they ARE the church today.

The sermon was based on the scripture text Mark 4:35-41 and was brought by Kaleb Oakleaf. I recommend you listen and hear what the youth are saying about God, trust and relationships.

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