Monday, October 20, 2008

Taking Time Off

I have always been amused by the different sayings about time. "Time flies when you're having fun," imagining some timepiece with wings trying to be illusive and evasive just because you are enjoying yourself. "Save time," like you can put some time in a jar to use later when you "run out of time" (picture the rollover minutes commercial for a wireless service - all these orange-colored, over-large, poker chips that you can sock away in a safe place.) "Time standing still" like that has never happened to anyone such as myself who is hyper. I love the "Over the Hedge" scene when Hammy the Hyper Squirrel finally is given a high-sugar, caffeine drink and the rest of the world comes to a complete standstill while he can walk through and do pretty much anything he wants. This must be a pretty common fantasy as there is now a beer commercial which seems to do the same thing and don't forget the special talent of the lovable hero, Hiro, on "Heros."

So...last week, I "took some time off." This is also amusing, as I didn't know if it referred to taking the now-tangible time off a shelf and therefore can now be used, or you leave time behind and function in a different plane of existence. Well, last week, and all vacations I guess I left time behind, or took it off the shelf or whatever. The interesting thing about "taking time off" is that it is purely illusion that time waits for you to return before it resumes. Ha! You generally come back to as much if not more work, because you weren't there to do it when you were gone. I used to have a boss that would save all the work for me when I came back from vacation. We had 16 other staff that could have handled it, but no, I was special and therefore worked my little rear-end off just so I could go on vacation.

Needless to say, if you do "take time off" you don't want to come back to the real world for fear of what waits for you there. Such is the place I find myself this morning, so I will quit "wasting time" blogging and get back to work.

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CurtissAnn said...

None of your blogging is 'wasted' time!