Sunday, November 2, 2008

Long Time No Post

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know the ones, when you finally get to Sunday, you feel like last Sunday was three weeks ago. I had one of those. Since the last Sunday there was a death and a funeral, my computer had issues (which are now resolved thankfully), and we had a busy day on Friday and Saturday. Whew, I am so glad its Sunday.

Today I desperately needed Sunday. Even if Sundays are tiring and it feels like I have so much to do, I find there are times I really need Sunday. I need the fellowship, I need to feel the Spirit moving in ways that is only found in a community of faith. Do you ever feel that way? What happens when we miss that opportunity?

I read once about a man sitting before the fire with a friend who did not regularly attend church. When the man talked to him about coming to church, the friend said he didn't need to attend church to believe in God, to which the man agreed. Then he took an ember from the fire. In the fire it was brightly blazing and even being removed it glowed brightly with the fire it contained. However, as they sat together in silence, the ember now separated from the rest of the fire began to grow cold and pretty soon it was merely a cold, black lump. There were no other words needed to illustrate what happens to a Christian separated from their community of faith.

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