Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Technical Difficulties!

Have you ever had one of those days, where all those little monster glitches seem to foul everything up? Well, Sunday was one of those for us! It was, of course, a day packed with minute by minute planning, and no room for error. It is always good that when there is no room for error, there is plenty of room for grace.

For some reason, certainly unknown to me, and not figured out yet by my sound tech, my microphone did not work consistently throughout the service. Therefore, there is no good recording of my sermon, and it will not be podcast this week. I apologize to those of you who catch this every week.

It was the Sunday in which we celebrate and remember the Baptism of Jesus and the covenant made at our own baptism. It is a Sunday I generally enjoy and look forward to because of its rich meaning and significance. This Sunday, for a multitude of reasons, it was very tense. Not really because of lack of preparation, although with me there is always a little of that. I am generally remembering something at the last minute. But this Sunday, it was Murphy at work, "those things which can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible moment." Just a bunch of little glitches, the sound was haywire, the music to which we were to process to the font did not play, stupid stuff like that.

But you know what did go right? God was there, God's grace was sufficient, and in the end all that really mattered is we participated in a meaningful time of worshiping God, hearing the message, and responding to the word.

There were good things too. The meeting scheduled for after the service went well. I got to make it to the closing service for the Chrysalis flight a young man in my congregation went on. My daughter led my Bible study for one evening, and by all accounts did a fabulous job! God is certainly blessing us.

We can either focus on the technical difficulties or the grace. I choose grace! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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Scribbit said...

Yesterday the kids were home from school because of ice and wind. I decided to make the best of it and be productive anyway then they cancelled school again today! Technical difficulties is right :)