Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Top Ten

These were the top ten viewed blog posts from this site in 2008:

1. Adam Hamilton Sermon Series
2. Nasty People
3. Support Group for Parents of Adult Children
4. Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin? How's that Working for Us?
5. My Father's Day Sermon
6. Still Fussin' over Women in Ministry
7. Weddings and Other Craziness
8. Christmas Lament
9. Superheroes
10. Music for Worship

And it didn't make the top ten most viewed, but my favorite:

In Honor of my Daddy

And another honorable mention:

God was in This Place. Did I Know It?

I thought maybe if you missed some of these you may want to check them out. As I was looking over my last year of blogging (it will be my anniversary on January 17th!), it has become apparent to me that I have neglected my writing. I have mainly just posted the podcasts of my sermons. For those who follow me, I apologize. I will endeavor to do better in 2009. This is not a resolution mind you, or it would be doomed to failure.

Blessings for 2009

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