Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heart Weeping

Have you ever felt like your heart was weeping? I know it sounds strange, but that is what I feel like. My eyes aren't necessarily weeping (although they do leak from time to time), but my heart is weeping.  It always amazes me how we continue to live on, even as our heart breaks.  I have a friend dying in a hospital and I am 2.5 hours away.  It feels helpless, even hopeless, but I know that those who are in Christ do not grieve as those with no hope, because our hope is in the resurrection.  But I will miss her terribly and that makes my heart weep.

Yet, I am reminded of the Psalmist who writes "Weeping may stay all night,but by morning, joy!" (Psalm 30:5b CEB).  It is the inspiration behind the Darrell Evans song "Trading My Sorrows" (sung here by Women of Faith).  We do go through ups and downs in this crazy roller coaster life.  Our sorrow is real and very painful, but it does not last forever.  Joy comes and we rejoice, give thanks, and praise God!  Our joy does not negate the emotion felt in our sadness, it does not invalidate the feelings you felt or the love for the person--in the instance of grief and loss--that you miss.  It is simply the assurance that life is worth living and is a precious gift of God. 

And laughter, laughter is healing.  I always tell families I counsel with at times of death to share stories and memories of their loved one.  Invariably there are always humorous anecdotes about that person and it gives them permission to laugh in the midst of their tears. 

So for now I wait while my heart weeps, because I know that joy is coming.  I know that true peace comes from God alone, and comes when we experience full healing in God's presence.

Prayers of comfort for all those whose heart weeps with mine.



Pastor David Mercer said...

I'm sorry to hear of your friend's suffering that makes your heart weep.

thinking of you today

Sonja Tobey said...

Thanks David. They have moved her to palliative care.