Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sermon October 25, 2009 on Mark 10:46-52.  The beautiful pianist before the sermon is Caitlin.

In the sermon I referenced a story about Jody.  A member of my congregation was Jody's sponsor at a Kairos weekend at the prison in which he was incarcerated.  During introductions, Jody, a young man, said that he was only coming for the cookies and the food.  On the last night he was sobbing on his sponsor crying out, "I'm going to die in here."  The sponsor did not understand, and during a conversation later with a clergy person working the weekend found out that Jody's sentence was life without parole.  This greatly disturbed the sponsor and he agonized and prayed all night long.  During the early morning hours, the sponsor distinctly heard God speak to his heart, "I can give him as much purpose in here as I give you out there."  The next morning a very tired sponsor came to breakfast to see Jody bouncing in like it was the greatest day of his life.  He told his sponsor that he just had his best night of sleep since arriving in prison.  The sponsor thought he had his worst. Jody was completely transformed.  Isn't it amazing what God can do. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009