Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not What I Want, But What You Want

Sermon March 14, 2010 on Mark 14:32-36.  Continuing today in the Lenten Sermon Series on the Prayers of Jesus.  Today's focus is prayers of surrender.  Do we surrender our will to Jesus?  What does it really mean to surrender?


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Thank you so much for stopping by this morning. It meant so much to me.

When Teddy went to the hospital, he asked Moma to call my sister for him to talk to. He asked her to lead him to Christ. He thought he was going to die and wasn't sure he was saved.

Moma attends World Harvest Church there in Enid, my sister attends a church in Waukomis with a Pastor Marney. I don't know if a pastor has even been to the hospital to see Teddy. I can only hope.

Moma is stressed to the max. My Niece Amy died Oct.23rd of cancer. She was only 33. Moma lost her little dog, Bonnie less than 2 weeks ago. Last Wedenesday my half brother (he is my Moma's son from a previous marriage)lost his wife to a heart attack, so that really stressed Moma out, and this week it is Teddy. He is the baby of the family. Please pray for her. I so worry about her. Teddy is in Room 492 at St. Mary's Hospital. If you get by there, please stop in and check on him. It would do my heart so good to know someone prayed with him.

When I come home in the Fall. I will be looking you up sweetie. I would like to visit your church home and say hello in person.

God Bless You Sweetie and many hugs, Sherry

自己 said...
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Sarah said...

Hey, I'm a minister in Nashville looking for Lenten backgrounds for worship, and I love these images you have for each Sunday in Lent. Can you tell me where you got them so that I might be able to use them too? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks - Rev. Sarah Kerr, St. George's Episcopal Church

Yellow Sun Soaps said...

@Sarah, the backgrounds came from Midnight Oil Productions

Blessings for a holy Lent!