Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hearers and Doers

I was on vacation last week, so that is why there was no post for a sermon.  Thanks to Dr. Frank Denney for filling the pulpit for me. 

Sermon July 18, 2010, "Hearers and Doers," on Luke 10:38-42.  We all have Mary and Martha in each of us.  Work is required to further God's Kingdom, but where are we if we do not sit at the feet of the Teacher to determine what work is required of us and to be filled for service?


Anonymous said...
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Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

found your blogsite, sonja, thru revgals - you've now made me aware of shabby blogs [which is fab]!
i'm of similar mind re mary/martha and did a brief piece on my own blog.
your posts on your father's passing were timely for me as yesterday marked the recent passing of my own father.
thank you. my thoughts and prayers have been turned toward & for you...